We believe a church can only be right, so long as it operates within the guidelines of Scriptures!


Inspiration of the Bible -

We believe that the Bible is a supernatural book with the power to change anyone's life if they will accept and obey its truths! We believe that the Bible is a book of absolute truth from cover to cover. We read and use the King James Version of the Bible in our services and church related activities.

Fall of humanity -

We believe that a person is born with a sin nature and cannot fix or cure themselves or their sin problem, and is in imminent danger of the wrath of a holy sinless God. We preach a message of hope, a message that hope for humanity is available through accepting Jesus into their heart to escape the condemnation of their sin.

Incarnation of Jesus -

The Scriptures teach that Jesus was born of a Virgin Mary, who was engaged to Joseph and that His Father was God. He was Deity who wrapped himself in humanity in order to reconcile humanity with Deity.

The suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ -

We believe that true to the prophecies of the Old Testament, Jesus was treated as a criminal for claiming to be God, He was sentenced to be executed by means of crucifixion, and He was buried in a borrowed tomb. We also maintain that the story doesn't end there, but three days later just as He had promised His disciples, He resurrected and was seen by more that 500 witnesses. We believe that He is alive forevermore!

The return of Jesus Christ to the earth -

We believe that true to His word, Jesus will return to this earth someday to call His people, the Church, away from this world and take us to be with him to heaven! We believe that following the "catching away" or "rapture" of the church, there will be seven years of tribulation on this earth, followed by the overthrow of Satan's system and the establishment of Christ literal kingdom on the earth for 1,000 years, also know as the millennial reign of Christ.

Heaven and Hell -

We believe that the Scriptures teach that there is an eternal place for all who have departed from the scenes of this life. For the believer in Christ, our home is heaven. For the rejecting unbeliever, it is hell.

The hope for the sinner -

As it has already been stated, we believe that God has made a way of escape from future judgement through His son Jesus Christ. We believe that God has a plan of salvation for humanity that is simple and free. We preach that you must acknowledge your sinfulness, your need of a Savior, and that Jesus is the Savior who you must look to for salvation. We believe that when you place your faith in Jesus, repenting, or turning from faith and hope in ourselves and placing our faith and hope in Jesus, that Jesus will accept us and secure us a home with Him in heaven after this life is over! We believe that the gospel is for anyone and every one who places their faith in Christ!

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