The heartbeat of  God

Our church has been mission minded from the very beginning. In 1970, the charter members of Victory Baptist Church voted unanimously to take a missionary on for monthly financial support as their first act of business.

Today Victory Missionary Baptist Church supports 34 missionaries and ministries in America and around the world!



We are a missionary baptist church. This simply means that the membership of Victory, following the leadership of the pastor, prayerfully accepts a mission or ministry for support.

We support our missionaries in one of two ways:


Following the recommendation of the pastor to accept a mission work for financial support, the option will be given to the membership of the church to symbolically "Adopt  - A - Missionary" or ministry. For example if the church votes to support Bro. John Doe and his family as they plan to establish churches in Bolivia, then Bro. Jim a member of Victory, can inform the church that he believes God has burdened his heart to not only pray for Bro. Doe but also personally support him financially. The membership of Victory will then vote to accept Bro. Jim as being responsible for the support of Bro. Doe and his family for the determined amount of monthly support as is decided by the church leadership.

(Further clarification. Bro. Jim may support Bro. Doe, but Bro. Jim will give his missions support for Bro. Doe to our church in our monthly missions offering. We do this for several reasons, but primarily to ensure that each of our missionaries receive their support consistently and on time every month and that financial accountability is maintained in all church related business.)


If the Lord has impressed on the pastor and membership to support a ministry yet no one feels led to personally adopt the ministry presented; the church will still support the ministry, though it will be supported through our church's general mission fund.